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When you're an every-season hunter, you deserve a gun built to keep up. Build a world-class magnum muzzleloader, a centerfire rifle, special purpose shotgun or compact big bore brush gun. Whatever you build, your Encore will never lose its durability and accuracy. Simply remove two forend screws and the hinge pin to change the barrel. The attached scope or open sights stay sighted-in when the barrel is reinstalled later.

Top professional hunters rely on the Encore Pro Hunter platform to perform in the field. Keeping your muzzleloader clean over the course of its life is key to maintaining its accuracy. The low profile eliminates the need of a palm saver, making loading painless and quick.

The Power Rod applies the same seating pressure shot after shot. Turkey season, duck season and predators keep you busy year-round. The Encore Pro Hunter platform leads in versatility, giving you a shot you can count on for every season. With a large selection of available barrels and forends, you can configure your Encore to hunt almost any type of game.

QLA incorporates a false muzzle design in the barrel of the rifle, aligning the projectile with the rifling at loading for improved accuracy and faster reloading. Close Menu. Change the barrel.

Keep the performance. Need for speed Keeping your muzzleloader clean over the course of its life is key to maintaining its accuracy. Keep your options open. Change the game With a large selection of available barrels and forends, you can configure your Encore to hunt almost any type of game.Thompson Center gun parts are born from a passion for firearms and a determination to provide uncompromised quality and design with every product.

For over 50 years, Thompson Center has delivered reliable gun parts with top performance to thousands of hunting and shooting enthusiasts. With a great selection of Thompson Center rifle barrelsThompson Center handguards and forendsand more, you can rest assured that you are getting a great product at a great value.

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Hunting Rant- The 3 things I hate about the Thompson Center Encore

Thompson Center Arms G2 Contender. Thompson Center Pro Hunter.

thompson center encore 22 mag barrel

Thompson Center Contender. Thompson Center Arms Contender.JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser.

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Notify when available. Plus, email me the latest deals and expert reviews. Hinterland does not share or sell personal info. See Privacy Policy. Availability Out of Stock. With the current industry-wide climate, please allow for days of processing time before shipment.

Please contact us for special order item lead times. Shipping Information. Out of stock. Add to Wish List Add to Compare. Add to Cart.New, exceptionally strong and capable of enormous power. It is at least a pound heavier than the Contender, bigger and usually needs a trigger job to enable the shooter to achieve its excellent inherent accuracy.

It is capable of handling pressures far higher than the Contender. The factory in the Encore is about equal to the JDJ ballistically but cannot be chambered in the Contender.

Thompson Center Barrels

In SSK Encore barrels, any cartridge with the case head size and pressure level of the Win mag can be safely chambered. Increasing the case head size beyond this means you must reduce pressure.

Cartridges such as the nitro in factory pressure levels are acceptable to the Encore. The Win. The Encore is bigger, stronger and heavier than the Contender. These differences will be considered both advantages and disadvantages when comparisons are made with the Contender.

The Encore is capable of handling a large number of cartridges commonly considered suitable for only bolt action or single shot rifles such as the Ruger 1.

Old English double rifles and their cartridges are fascinating. Unfortunately the guns are economically out of reach of most of us; however SSK has adapted many of them to Encore handguns and rifles that allow those interested to enjoy the cartridges at modest cost. They also work well in the Ruger 1 rifle.

Handgun are rifle—they are a real blast! The frame of the Encore is an investment casting — just as is the Contender. Its design prevents it from being machined.

The first frames were made from two blocks of steel machined to accept the internal parts and configured to the outside profile desired. The two halves were then welded together, internal parts fabricated and assembled, mated with a barrel and the Encore was born.

Several guns — experimental prototype — were assembled this way for testing. SSK was invited to test some of these guns and shot them until a problem developed and then returned it to the factory for examination. In this manner the mechanism was debugged by the factory. Initial accuracy was excellent, although it has gotten better. We shot one of these experimental frames testing various parts until its welds began to fail.Search for:.

Thompson Center Barrel. Arthur Brown Company with special attention to detail, precision, and the materials necessary to enhance accuracy. Bore Dimensions Consistent to.

thompson center encore 22 mag barrel

Button Rifled to the Optimal Twist Rate. True, Center-to-Center Barrel Turning. Headspace Checked and Confirmed Each Barrel.

Bore dimensions are reamed consistent to airgauge within. These are then Two-Pass button rifled in the various twist rates we offer to suit particular accuracy requirements. These blanks are the foundation of our process. One at a Time Barrel Making. True, center-to-center barrel turning at a rate that minimizes stress while keeping the bore in the middle. True, center-to-center chamber reaming insures centering and linear alignment of the chamber with the bore.

And we lean toward chambers and twist rates that are already proven accurate. Free Bore Paste. Bore Paste assure sufficient cleaning of carbon and copper fouling for the quickest and most trouble free barrel breakin as well as keeping your barrel match accuracy clean.

Arthur Brown Company, Inc. This item can be shipped to United States.Some still consider patience a virtue. Seasons may change, but with Encore Pro Hunter interchangeable platforms, the hunt never ends. Firearms Every masterfully crafted firearm we make. Selector Tool Find the right rifle for the right hunt.

Trophy Room Long live your unforgettable hunts.

thompson center encore 22 mag barrel

Rimfire Redefined. Learn more about Semi-Automatic Rimfire. Muzzleloaders Some still consider patience a virtue.

Learn more about Muzzleloaders. Learn more about the Encore Pro Hunter. From the Field. Around the World.

Thompson Center Barrels

Last week to take advantage. Congratulations, Mike. We look forward to serving you in the new year. Happy Holidays! Today is your last day to vote for your favorite festive firearm photos! The winner will be announced on Sunday. Our trophy room is filled with 50 years of images like this one froma proud hunter with game taken with one of our firearms.

Please share your pictures with us in our trophy room. DropZone outdoors tcarms peopleoftc huntingtips huntingseason happyhunting Let the voting begin! Thank you to all who have submitted festive firearm photos. Now it is time for our fans to vote.

thompson center encore 22 mag barrel

TCfirearmfans tcarms tccompass contest holidays holidayseason Happy Holiday Hunting. Here are some helpful preparation tips for your next step.

Share your favorite marinade with us. Local range membership 2. Voting begins December 18, Important points to consider regarding Contender barrels. Based on 23 years of barrel work, most of it reworking thousands of TC factory barrels, this page deals with basic concepts about various vintages of factory barrels as well as barrel by barrel considerations. Must reading before buying a barrel or having a barrel reworked. I am not a TC historian or collector.

And dates of various barrel productions are at best recollections. Anyone that cares to correct me on the years of introduction of various features is welcomed to do so. General Points:.

Prohunter Barrels

I have had quite a few barrels pass through my hands that were badly pitted, and while I have re-chambered quite a few of them with good results, it is only prudent to start your customized barrel project based on a good interior. It is too easy to swap barrels and inspect barrels at gun shows, etc. And if buying a barrel online, ask for inspection privileges and the right of refusal if the barrel is pitted.

Not knowing exactly where to start, let's start with current events that suggested this page. Lug Type and Locking bolts:. From the introduction of the Contender in until aboutfactory barrels had under-lugs that were flat on the bottom.

Then somewhere around TC added an extra step on the bottom of the lug that increased the thickness of the lip below the locking bolts, thus making the lug a bit stronger and less prone to being bent down under the load of high intensity cartridges. It was sometime in about this same time frame that TC also went to the two-piece locking bolts. If a barrel has the one piece bolt, by all means change it out for two-piece locking bolts.

The flat bottom lugs do not have the strength that is needed to be reliable with the higher intensity, larger diameter chambers. One might re-chamber one of these early barrels in. Certainly in the early days of hot rodding the Contender, this was done, and we got away with it But with the abundance of later production barrels with the stepped lugs, why take a chance?

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